Expert Reviewers
- Open Call -

SMART 4.0 is now inviting Expressions of Interest to those willing to serve as evaluators for SMART 4.0 proposals. 

Expert Reviewers who partake in the SMART 4.0 ESR process are experts in possession of a high-level and caliber of peer‐reviewed publications, research funding, and applied for and obtained patents.  Such reviewers will also have relevant knowledge in non‐scientific areas such as project management, innovation, exploitation, dissemination and communication

Using keywords indicated by the applicant and the abstract of the proposal, the expert reviewers will be allocated based on the match between the scientific expertise of the reviewer(s) and the topic of the proposal.  All persons involved in the evaluation and selection process must also declare there is no conflict of interest.  Insofar as possible, one reviewer from the non‐academic sector and at least one member of either gender will be assigned to each Phase 1 Peer Review Panel.

The calls for the SMART 4.0 program are tentatively scheduled for the following dates:

  • Call 1 – Open: October to December 2019
    • Remote review phase, Call 1: Jan 2020 – Apr 2020 (complete ESR process)
      • The activities involving our Expert Reviewers during the remote review phase will consist of proposal assessment and consensus meetings. 
    • Call 2 – Open: July to September 2020
      • Remote review phase, Call 2: Oct 2020 – Jan 2021
        • Info as above
      • Reserve 3rd call (contingency) – Open: January to March 2021